These courses are built on my experience over 26 years as a therapist. Whether you are a parent, about to become a parent or wanting to become one in the future; aimed at helping you to move forward with confidence in knowing what a child needs from early relationships with you as a parent.

On the 2 hours 'How to help your child develop a positive sense of self in their first five years' course you will learn about a child's psychosocial development, looking at the following areas:

  • To trust or not to trust: What influences either
  • How children learn to like and believe in themselves
  • How we feel safe to face challenges and try new things
  • How loving relationships shape children's self esteem
  • Healing early relational trauma in therapy


On the 1 hour 'How to be a good enough parent' course we will be addressing the core elements of:

  • Empathising with your child
  • Listening to and truly understanding your child and their motives
  • Abeting their growth towards independence
  • Letting go of your own past experiences which can interfere with being fully there for your child

My name is Sharon Mustard. I am the founder and director of easibirthing®. I have been training women and their partners for over 25 years in using Hypnosis and Psychotherapy for Fertility, Pregnancy, Hypnobirthing, Post Natal Mental Health & Parenting Support.

But most important of all, I am a mum of 3 children. One of whom has given me 3 lovely grandchildren so far. Now whilst that might have enabled me to have personal experience of pregnancy, giving birth and parenting; my real passion for birth came from two unlikely aspects to do with my own upbringing in Northern Ireland.

I was the daughter of a pig farmer and saw the majesty of birth first hand in the animals I witnessed; but to bring it a bit more relevant to our own species-my source of inspiration really belongs to my Grandmother who had 11 children, the other Grandmother an impressive second place with 7 children. I ended up with 41 first cousins in total! If that doesn’t explain why my chosen specialism as a hypno-psychotherapist is to work with clients alongside them on their journey to parenthood, then nothing will!

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